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Circle Coin Navi is an operation website of the Affiliate Program designed to promote the sales of Digital currency: Circle Coin

Privacy Policy


CCNAVI PHILIPPINNES(hereinafter called the COMPANY) will apply measures accordingly to the laws regarding Personal information, to protect privacy of the members.

Personal information mentioned in this policy refers to personal information within the Personal Information Protection Law, which are information which could identify individuals such as Name, Birth of Date, Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, etc.

The COMPANY will take proper and fare measures in collecting necessary Personal information, and will not acquire them in an unfair way which oppose to the user’s will. The COMPANY may ask for Name, Birth of Date, Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, etc. in order to register the members to the provided service. The COMPANY may take proper and fare measure to collect necessary information in order to provide the COMPANY’s service or services that is in corporate with. The COMPANY will inform or announce the objective for collecting Personal Information.

We do not consider Cookies and IP addresses as personal information since it is not possible to identify the individual with only such contents. However, if these information is used together with the personal information, it will be handled as accordingly as Personal Information. Regarding the Cookies, its use can be blocked by the settings of each browsers. If any of the services provided by the COMPANY will not be able to get when blocking Cookies, it will be notified to members.

The COMPANY will use collected Personal Information for below reasons:
・Identification and authentication services.
・Providing services and information
・Customer services
・Maintaining system, fixing system errors, or notification of necessary information.
・Improving the COMPANY’s service and developing new services.
・Other objects that the COMPANY decides for providing services.

The COMPANY will not provide the acquired Personal Information to any third party, except for below cases;
・When there is a consent from the Member
・When required to reveal information from public institution such as court, police, etc.
・When providing to the person in charge (including users) in order to contact the members or to provide services, deliver products.
・When the COMPANY commissions part/all of business to the third party.
・When the COMPANY will provide information to those under confidentiality contract.
・When the COMPANY decides necessary in order to protect the properties and/or rights when the members violates this Policies and/or the law and there are rational reason to believe so.
・In case it is difficult to achieve the member’s own will due to health and/or economic dangers, etc.

The COMPANY will correspond to member’s request of identification, editing, adding, deleting, etc. under their will, if it is in rational period of time.

The COMPANY may revise/edit/modify the PRIVACY POLICIES in accordance of the change of laws and needs, in order to protect Personal information.
In this case, the renewed Privacy Policies will come into force at the moment it is posted on the WEBSITE.

The COMPANY is not in charge of managing the member’s ID and Password.
If the member’s ID and Password was revealed to the third party by their own faults, the Personal Information may be browsed.
Please be fully aware and responsible of using and managing the Services in order to prevent unauthorized use by the third party and other errors in use.

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Established on October 20, 2016

Terms of Use

CC NAVI Affiliate Program Operation Terms in the Philippines

CC NAVI Affiliate Program Operation Terms (hereinafter called “This TERM”) is a regulation of relationship between the Affiliate members (hereinafter called “The MEMBERS”) described in this TERM and CCNAVI PHILIPPINNES (hereinafter called “AGENT”).

Article 1 (Definition)
The definition of following terms are as follow, unless there are considered mentioning in a specific context.
1. CC NAVI Affiliate Program: Affiliate Program Service provided by the AGENT.
2. Affiliate Program: A Commission program for partners who advertise the product provided by the AGENT.
3. Commission: The value paid to partners by the AGENT when consumer purchase the product accordingly to the price list displayed to partners.
4. Product: Circle Coin
5. Partner: Members registered under CC NAVI Affiliate Program
6. Consumer: A member who uses or purchase product/service provided by the AGENT.

Article 2 (Registration)
Person who wish to become a Partner, must agree to all conditions listed in this TERM and other conditions regarding commission, etc. The registration will be completed after filling up information on the CC NAVI Affiliate Application form, registering, and getting approval by the AGENT. Members must be aware that the condition of commission may change. Registration must be done by him/herself who wish to become a Partner, and must not be done by a representatives. Person who wish to become a Partner must provide exact and updated information to the AGENT. The AGENT will judge the acceptance of those registering accordingly to the AGENT’s standard, and if accepted, the AGENT will inform the applicant and the registration will be completed. After the completion of registration, this TERM will come into force between the AGENT and the Partner.

Article 3 (Monitoring Service)
1. The AGENT will monitor (hereinafter called “MONITORING SERVICE”) by its own standard, whether the partner is using the CC NAVI Affiliate Program based on this TERM, or if there are no act of transgressing or dishonesty. Partner is to understand that the AGENCY conduct MONITORING SERVICE.
2. When the AGENT conducts above MONITORING SERVICE and finds out or judge high risk of act of transgressing or dishonesty regarding this TERM or the law, the AGENT may resign the Partner.
3. The AGENT is not responsible for any loss of the Partner by conducting any action according this Article.

Article 4 (Payment of Commission)
After the Commission is fixed, it will be paid via method that the AGENT determine.

Article 5 (Resign)
1. Partner can resign from CC NAVI Affiliate Program anytime by informing the AGENT with its designated method.
2. Partner must be aware that they may be designed by the AGENT without prior notice. If the AGENT finds out an act of transgressing by the Partner, the AGENT may disable the TERMS regarding the Partner and resign them from the Program. In this case, the AGENT may annul the Commission to that Partner.
3. The AGENT is not responsible for any loss of the Partner by conducting any action according this Article

Article 6 (Managing ID and Password)
Partner must carefully manage their ID and Password published by the AGENT, under each Partner’s responsibility. In case that the ID and Password were used by the third party, and/or any loss occurs because of the lack of management of the Partner, all responsibility should be taken by the Partner. The Partner must not let the third party use the ID and Password, lend, give, sell, or change the name of the applicant. Partner must inform the AGENT at once and follow the instruction when finding out their ID and Password being stolen or being used by the third party.

Article 7 (Back office)
The AGENT will provide a back office website to each Partners, and the Partners may access to review anytime.

Article 8 (Confidentiality and Personal Information)
The AGENT will comply with Partner’s Personal Information accordingly to Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter called "Privacy Act of 1974") except for certain cases determined in the this TERM. The Personal Information of the Partner managed by the AGENT will be used accordingly to the Privacy Policy laid down separately by the AGENT. Partners are considered to have agreed on the Privacy Policy as well when agreed to this TERM.

Article 9 (Prohibited Acts)
Partner must not take below prohibited acts determined by the AGENT.
1. Fraudulent Acts: Acts of Partner alone or with the third party to pretend as if achieved the condition of receiving Commissions, acts of dishonesty, acts of trying to receive Commissions in a dishonest way, Acts of ordering which is out of its original service content, and other acts of dishonest advertising.
2. Illegal Acts and its recommending: Acts that are against the law, its recommending, or acts that may trouble the AGENT or the third party in any way.
3. Spam: Sending Spam e-mails and other acts of using Spam.
4. Violation of Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights
5. Other acts that the AGENCY considers inappropriate.
The judgement of the presence of prohibited acts is done by the AGENT. In these cases, the AGENT do not need to explain the details to the Partner, and the Partner cannot give any claim about it.

Article 10 (Assurance)
1. Partner must assure that by the date they submit their application form, they do not have ANY capital relationship or trade between antisocial forces, nor hire them as employee or elect as representatives.
2. Partner must not have ANY capital relationship or trade between antisocial forces, nor hire them as employee or elect as representatives until they resign from Partner.

Article 11 (Compulsory resign and Confiscating Commission)
1. The AGENT may resign a Partner without any notice by its own discretion for below reasons:
(1) When Partner does not follow the clauses of the TERM.
(2) When Partner is considered by the AGENT of taking, or having high probability of an act of transgressing or dishonesty.
(3) When Partner is considered by the AGENT of taking, or having high probability of prohibited acts.
(4) When Partner used or tried to use the CC NAVI Affiliate Program in order to cause losses for the AGENT, other Partners, or the third party.
(5) When Partner impede or obstruct the operation of the AGENT by any means.
(6) When partner take other action that the AGENT considers inappropriate.
2. The AGENT may confiscate the commission and/or decline the payment of the Partner in cases that the Partner performs anything mentioned in previous clause, and/or was resigned. In this case, the AGENT may claim the Partner in charge anytime of below:
(1) The Commission that has been paid until then, or equivalent penalty.
(2) ALL fees (including lawyer fee) of Trial act for lawsuits.
The AGENT will not be responsible for ANY losses of the Partner regarding the act of this clause.
(3) In case that the AGENT was sued by the third party and undergo any losses because of the act of Partner, the Partner must make up the compensation for ALL the damages at his/her own responsibility and expense.

Article 12 (Qualification)
The qualification of becoming a Partner is as follow:
(1) Over 18 of age
(2) No false information of the application
(3) Understanding to observe the TERM

Article 13 (Limitation of Assurance)
The AGENT is NOT to assure
(1) That the Service will not stop and will be operated without any problem.
(2) That the errors of the System will always be repaired.
(3) That the AGENT will not let any destructive consistent as Computer virus remain inside the Service.
(4) That the security is well provided in order to prevent (3).
Above clauses will NOT be assured to ANYONE.

Article 14 (Limitation of Responsibility)
The Partner and/or its parties cannot claim for ANY compensation of loss towards the AGENT or its associated companies for any reason when Partner resign from the Service. The above mentioned loss contains ALL Profit, indirect, incidental or consequential, etc. The AGENT will not be responsible for any loss and damage occurred by the CC NAVI Affiliate Program. The total amount of the AGENT’s responsibility under this TERM shall not exceed the total amount of the Commissions paid to the members. The obligation regarding taxation by the related authority which Partner’s under jurisdiction of, shall be handled appropriately by each side.

Article 15 (Intellectual Properties and Licenses)
1. ALL provided intellectual properties, such as contents, technology, and images by the AGENT to the Partners, belongs to the AGENT, and Partners shall understand that these are only allowed to be used inside a limited network. Thus, Partners may not make ANY changes of these intellectual properties without a prior approval by the AGENT.
2. The AGENT will take no responsibility on occasion of confliction between Partner and the third party regarding the Intellectual Properties, and if that confliction leads to any loss for the AGENT, the AGENT may claim for damages. The compensation of Partner covers direct or indirect damages, lost profit, loss of business opportunities, loss of data, interruption of business, incidental or consequential loss, and legal fee.

Article 16 (Transferring and lending position and names)
Partner cannot transfer, lend, or set security interest of position, names, and part or all of the claims and debts of the Partner that is regulated on this TERM. However, it shall not apply to in case the AGENT accepts. The AGENT may transfer the business related to CC NAVI Affiliate Program to other company (not only business transfer but also including other kind of transferring including company split). In this case, the AGENT may transfer member’s information, rights and responsibility based on this TERM, and the position of the service contract, and the Partners are considered to have agreed on the transferring.

Article 17(Force Majeure)
Neither party shall be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performing its obligations hereunder due to causes beyond its reasonable control (“Force Majeure”), including but not limited to act of God, acts of government or governmental authorities, compliance with law, regulations or orders, fire, storm, flood or earthquake, war (declared or not), rebellion, revolution, or riots, or strike or lockouts.

Article 18 (Revising of the TERM)
1. This TERM may be revised or changed without an agreement of Partners by the AGENT and its judgements.
2. Revised TERM from preceding clause shall have force from the moment it is uploaded on the designated website and shall be adapted to all relationship between the AGENT and Partners.

Article 19 (Separation of the TERM)
When any and/or part of the Article within the TERM is judged ineffective due to Consumer Contract Act or other laws, other clauses and the rest of effective part shall remain in full force.

Established on October 20, 2016

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